The Water Dilemma--Too Much & Not Enough


Water shortages are a critical issue across the United States.  California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho & Nevada all have critical water shortages.  Include Florida, Texas and other states who are heading toward drought as they burn through their groundwater at twice the rate they should.

Regions rate from abnormally dry to exceptionally dry. 

Wildfires are a constant threat.

The Midwest has no such issues.  Many Midwest states feature Caribbean like waters.  Minnesota is known at the land of 10,000 lakes.  That is actually underestimated as they have over 14,000 lakes.

The pandemic opened millions of people a choice to live and work where they want.  Would you move to a region where water rationing is in full swing or certainly on the horizon?


Would you move to a coast where sea levels are rising and infrastructure cost have to go up to pay for it?  Charleston seawalls will cost more than $1 billion.  Miami seawalls are over $6 billion.

The Midwest has no such issues.  Include 4 stunning seasons with summer sunsets that start around 10pm, fall colors that rival anything the Northeast has, and winter wonderlands. Now add in that all of the states rank in the top half for pre-K thru 12 and higher education + farmer's markets, wineries, craft beers, art fairs and foodie towns...we believe population trends will trend to the Midwest.

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