Don't Underestimate the Midwest...Tom Brady Lesson

Don't Underestimate the Midwest...Tom Brady Lesson

It is the first day of the NFL Draft.  22 years ago, Tom Brady was picked in the 6th round...#199.  Only one team did not underestimate him.  A solid player from the University of Michigan, Brady didn't 'shine' like other college quarterbacks. He wasn't the fastest or strongest.  Now Brady is a 7-time Super Bowl winner and going strong in his mid-40's. The GOAT Greatest of all time.

Don't underestimate someone's heart & soul. Determination. Grit.

Don't underestimate the Midwest.

Here is our Tom Brady inspired don't underestimate us Midwest photo.

People called the Midwest 'flyover' country.  They underestimate it. Spend some time in the Midwest and you'll find incredible cities, towns & villages.  Neighbors. Families. Farmers markets. Art fairs, sidewalk sales, wineries, craft brews & foodie towns.  Bikes rides.  Big big rides.

Have you seen Lake Michigan? Sleeping Bear Dunes with 500 feet of sand dune that drops down to the water?

Minnesota is called the 'Land of 10,000 Lakes' and that is a low estimate of how many they have. And they have a big one--Lake Superior.  Worth a visit to Duluth. Grand Marais, too.

Door County for a fall drive?

Ohio waterfalls?

Take some time to explore the great Midwest, you just might fall in love and end up like Tom Brady, a pretty good life.


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